stephanie hunter photographerII.

a note from stephanie

My name is Stephanie Hunter and I consider it a great privilege that you are considering me as me as your wedding photographer. I am an Austin & Houston wedding photographer and I shoot in a hybrid method, which means I combine the soft, classic medium of film photography with digital images. I define myself as a fine art film wedding photographer because I aspire to catch organic, real life moments while documenting details in a refined, editorial style. Austin & Houston, Texas are home, but I travel all over the “great nation” of Tx, across the US and abroad…New York, California, Mexico & overseas.

So often we find ourselves overwhelmed with day to day life, anticipating the future and what’s to come. I think its important to remind ourselves to enjoy “the here and now”, to appreciate the very moment we are living in. My job is to capture that moment so that it can be treasured for a lifetime. I am simply here to tell your story. With photos. I love the “little moments”. For instance, I might ask a couple in front of my camera to kiss, and it’s sometimes the moments right before and after that kiss that are the most precious – the way they look at each other & their genuine laughs! So I don’t concentrate on overly posed photos, but rather candid moments combined with giving relaxed direction in regards to posing.

So why do I do this? Well, I’m a wedding photographer because I want to spend my life doing something I truly love. I can’t quite explain how I feel when I am photographing a wedding or a couple in love. Even capturing an amazing landscape or a breezy beach – my dogs…I just enjoy telling stories with pictures. I consider myself very lucky.

So why do I shoot film? I get this question from fellow wedding photographers & clients alike. In short, I feel compelled by the images film portrays. The true, classic look of film is nostalgic and cannot be replicated…it’s a soft, romantic, vintage feel that I relate to. Shooting film makes me a better photographer. So in a very small nutshell, that is why I choose to shoot film at every wedding. But, enough about me! I’d love to learn more about YOU and your wedding to see if we’d be a fit to shoot your Big Day. So, if you are looking for fine art wedding photography in Austin, Houston, East Texas, or anywhere else for that matter, drop me a line. Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo, steph