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lindee + paul + luca on the beach in florida / organic film photographer

“Like the beauty of the sun you light my life so I can see
You make me laugh and show me how, just how good this life can be
And in our moments filled with joy, is where I live, where I am free
Lay in my arms, I’ll hold you tight, just like you like, continually

And I am, overwhelmed, by you
Am, overcome with joy
You’ve, taken me higher, and shown me what love can do
Where would I go, or be, without you”

-Tim McMorris

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Contax 645 Photographer

contax 645 film photographer

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lindee + paul + luca on the beach in florida | organic film photographer

Can I just start by saying how in love I am with these photographs? I truly love the way this session turned out…there’s something so organic & natural about the way everything unfolded. A real family, in the real world, just being themselves. I mean, how can you pose a 2 year old? You can’t – and that’s the beauty of it. Nothing forced.

Pure. Simple. Real. Joyful. And so very sweet.

Paul, Lindee & Luca, words cannot tell you how much we enjoyed spending time with you this summer. Its so hard to believe that it’s been 8 years since we all met each other. It makes us sad that we are so far away and we sometimes feel like we are missing out on the little moments, not just with Luca, but with both of you as well. And Little Luca…someday you will grow up to be big & strong. But I hope you always relish in life as much as you did as when you were 2 – even when you’re grown. Oh, and that you still have wild, unruly hair & you throw your hands up and go ROAR. We love you so much, little man. We’re so proud to be your aunt & uncle. And even though we a few states away, we think of you all the time. 🙂

 Maybe Freddy & I are biased since we love these three so much, but we cry every time we watch the slideshow. If you’d like to tear up a bit, you can watch it HERE.

Contax 645, Canon 1v, fuji 400h, kodak portra, ilford delta.

A Pretty Gal in Boots / Keslye’s Bridal / Texas Film Wedding Photographer

A Pretty Gal in Boots / Keslye’s Bridal / Texas Film Wedding Photographer

Isn’t that ruffled wedding dress so much fun? We had a blast with Kelsye’s bridal session last month and we’re so excited for this sweet girl’s wedding tomorrow.

ALL of these photographs were taken on none other than FILM! Contax 645 + Canon 1v with Fuji 400h & Kodak Portra.